ARTVLADI - is a prolific multitalented french artist and sportsman in wrestling and kickbox. This unusual combination is pivotal to his numerous creations at an international level. The artist works since 24 years in the artistic universe and in the Social Media in Instagram he has already four hundred thousand followers (400k )in his page @Artvladi_
He was born in 1980 in Sofia Bulgaria and raised in an artistic family environment, fortunate have a father who was a painter and sculptor. Already at the young age of 15, he started working with stone and made a sculpture of a famous Bulgarian businessman in black granite. His training at a school of plastic arts for 5 years, allowed him to specialize in wood carving, Japanese Manga drawings and the psychology of art. Shortly after, he further developed his talents by working with his father in an family outside art center, creating and executing sculpturing works in granite, bronze and minerals. Two years later, he was also trained in wrestling.
An important tribute to the combination of art and sports is his creation of the sculpture from bronze exposed in the headquarters of the United World Wrestling Federation (FILA), the Olympic Fountain in Corsier-sur-Vevey , Switzerland . In 2010 he made sculptures-busts of the six presidents of the federation since its creation . In the same year he made a monumental sculpture (2 meters in height) of the famous Bulgarian wrestler, Valentin Yordanov, 7 times world champion. This work of art belongs to a private collection in Switzerland.In 2012 Vladimir Nikolov -ArtVladi made bust-monument from bronze and granit of Professor Rayko Petrov infront of the National Sport Academy in Sofia , Bulgaria .
The polyvalence of this artist can be seen in paintings ,sculptures and jeans jackets for an incredible variety of people and organizations, ranging from Floyd Mayweather -the richest boxer in the world ; painting for the private collection of the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan; clients from Hollywoood's stars like Dolf Lundgren , Kylie Jenner ; paintings and jeans jackets for the private collection of Jordan Belfort- the WOLF OF WALLSTREET ; special jacket for the Minister of the Defense of Bulgaria Krasimir Karakachanov ;jacket for the Bruce Lee's daughter ; jackets for the US journalist of Hollywood unlocked Jason Lee .
In 2018 ArtVLADI was invite from BEKB -BERNER KANTONAL BANK in Bern to make a big art show infront of 6000 Santa Klauses and to make a special painting for the bank . The artist made also paintings for the Bank Heritage .
In 2018 ARtVLADI participates ithe First International Contemporary Art Fair in Cannes in Palais Des Festival s. In 2019 the artist participates in the First International Conteporary Art Fair in Haute-Savoie in Rochexpo .
In total, his art work is comprised for 24 years of 3600 paintings,1700 sculptures in bronze and 1200 sculptures in stone, all individual pieces exposed in several countries and more than 3000 pieces of plastic sculptures . 

Dollars Closeup Concept. American Dollar
Dollars Closeup Concept. American Dollar